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The rating of Subaru Legacy interior is 74
Subaru Legacy dashboardInside, the 2009 Subaru Legacy features an dashboard that looks great from the driver's bench, but not as enticing from the rear seatings. Its proportions are convenient up front, but tight in rear, particularly if you try to carry the five passengers Subaru claims the Subaru Legacy can handle. Its traditional option list is generous, and the cab generally avoids the hard surfaces that plague some cars in this segment.

Subaru Legacy dashboard details:

Subaru Legacy
Subaru Legacy dashboard (pic. 1)

The list of traditional equipment on the 2009 Subaru Legacy is cool. Even base 2. 5i models include keyless entry, full power accessories, air-conditioning, a tilt/telescoping steering column, a trip computer and an MP3/WMA-capable Cd audio, now with nine speakers and an optional input slot. Dashboard materials are sometimes compared to more expensive cars.

Subaru Legacy
Subaru Legacy dashboard (pic. 2)

The 2009 Subaru Legacy's front seating is convenient, but its back seating is tight for a car sold as a family vehicle.

Subaru Legacy
Subaru Legacy dashboard (pic. 3)

Midsize vehicle trunks have been growing in recent years, and without a major change in dimensions since 2003, the Subaru Legacy is getting left behind. Its 11. 4 cubbies of room can't compete with 15 cubic-foot offerings from the Ford Fusion and Chevy Malibu. On the plus side, the 2009 Subaru Legacy's cargo is easy to load and dashboard boasts several cargo cubbies.

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